Caribbean twist.

Using the flavours of the Caribbean in a unique way is our point of reference. One of our founders was born on the Caribbean island of Barbados , with it’s long hours of sunshine, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, it is the perfect backdrop for being able to create culinary delights that require nothing more than the simple flavours of the area - guava, coconut, lime, sorrel, plantain, nutmeg, pineapple to name but a few. These flavours help us recreate classic dishes with a new exciting twist. The other member of the business partnership was born in the UK, and brings with them a range of cooking styles specialising in vegetarian and plant based dishes too.

Each Caribbean country cuisine has it's own distinctive flavour, influenced by Africa and the various other countries that were involved in the running of each island during their stay.

In Barbados the influences initially came from the Portuguese who discovered the island and banded it Los Barbados , meaning the bearded one in response to the trees that looked like trees with a beard. The Spanish then took this over from the Portuguese, who in turn lost the island to Britain. The British then ruled the island for 300 unbroken years, until independence in 1966.

At MaRa we are experienced in a number of cuisines and styles of cooking, one founder spent their first 12 yrs in Barbados before arriving in England to join their parents in London, but never forgot the climate and the vibrancy of the Caribbean. Their love for cooking and baking was cemented in those years when at Christmas and other holidays, the house was infused with the smell of rum, nutmeg, cinnamon and freshly baked coconut sweetbread, pone (a heady mix of cassava , coconut and spices) and other simple but delicious culinary delight. They decided to bring this style and love of cooking to the public, making award winning sauces, baking classic cakes and bakes using the flavours of the Caribbean with a new twist, the infusion of flavours found in the UK and beyond. Our unique and original flavours have been created , so that you the customer will be carried away to the Caribbean with each delicious mouthful.

We specialise in flavoursome award winning sauces, innovative cooking, cakes, bakes, Caribbean and vegan cookery lessons, tuition, supper clubs and much more.

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